Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get around, get around - I get around, yeah.

I think it's pretty rude when Ben takes pictures of me while I'm trying to get my ~beauty rest~ fudpuckerscollege1
We had lunch at this awesome little shack-of-a-restaurant in Okaloosa Island called "FudPuckers" It looked like we just missed an "MTV Spring Break" episode. Tons of names carved/written everywhere and enough alcohol stocked to handle the cast of Jersey Shore. They ~even~ had an Alligator Habitat [see picture above] and we got to get a close look of the creature! Scarlett loved watching him sleep and wiggle around everywhere, but the moment he turned his head toward her, she almost burst my eardrum into pieces! fudpuckerscollege2
The food was delicious! I don't know if I'd get the same thing again, but I definitely would like to go back! Ben got:fish something-something(They actually gave him the wrong order and I didn't get a chance to ask what he originally wanted) I got:"Crab Balls" with their homemade "Sensual" sause (Don't ask me why they call it that, I don't even WANT to know) Scarlett got: Mac 'n Cheese with fries. (We're not really happy with ourselves on this one, but thankfully she didn't even touch her mac 'n cheese and ate a couple fries.) She ended up coming home and snacking on some Almond butter & Organic raisins. snowballs
We ended up taking a walk downtown and checking out all of the local shops. I only managed to snap one photo while we were down there and wonder why ;) I don't know why they weren't open, but I'm hoping that changes soon! This is walking distance from our house and hopefully, our soon-to-be new hangout! relax After our walk downtown, we headed over to the beach to spend the rest of the afternoon. (I absolutely love this picture! When we headed down to find a spot, we saw that someone before us had made a 'beach chair' out of sand! how cool is that!) Obviously you can tell who took advantage of that...
beach chair beachchairs
Ben ended up making one for each of us! shark...or is it? ;)
Last but not least, do you see that SHARK in the water?
! ...or is it a Dolphin?
...we'll never know ;)


  1. Ahhh your new place looks amazing! I used to go to Okaloosa island every year with my fam for vacation, the sand and clear water is so beautiful!

  2. I looked it up... because I just had to know. Dolphin dorsal fins are curved while shark dorsal fins are very triangular and straight. Now you'll know!

  3. Sounds like you guys had so much fun! Love the pictures too!

  4. Florida is looking like heaven to me, right now :) I am aching to feel the hot sun on my shoulders, and dig my toes in the sand! I am so, so happy that you are living where you can do those things everyday.