Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's not me, It's you...

[Disclaimer: This post contains opinions. You may or may not agree with these opinions and that's why they are opinions; not facts. Please open your mind before reading this post, and know that these opinions are not here to harm you, or are directed towards you in any negative way.]

As many of you may have NOT noticed, I've given up Twitter. During my trip, I decided NOT to check it, or check up on anything really. I didn't open my Google Reader the WHOLE time. It was pretty liberating.

When we got to Florida, I ended up checking back in to Social Media, all except one...Twitter ::shudders:: ;)

I noticed that I felt so much better NOT knowing what people are doing every second of the day. NOT knowing what so 'n so isn't getting,or IS getting, or wanting, or complaining about, or hating, etc etc etc. I don't know why we love to hear people's complains so much, we thrive off of it. It's pretty sadistic and I'm just not a fan.

I love the idea of sharing your life with other people, I'm all for that! But there's something distinctly different between Twitter and everything else. I'm pretty sure not everyone has a bad relationship with Twitter, and that's amazing if you don't. I just felt like the clique's, the complaints, and the overall negativity from the website wasn't for me.

Maybe your followers are different, maybe you don't read into things like I do, who knows! But to each is their own! :)


  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only mama who hates hearing complaints. I mean, I KNOW I've got bad days just like everyone else...but that doesn't mean I have to blast it to the world constantly.

    Thanks for this post...I love it. :)

  2. Ive never understood twitter! Its weird to me. Facebook and Blogs are enough for me, I don't need to check up on someones EVERY movement! haha

  3. I didn't even know you had a twitter so I'm cool with it :) As long as you don't stop blogging, that I would have a problem with!!!

  4. There really is a lot of the negativity on there and cliqs and groups and what not. I try to stay out of all that and when I use twitter, as hard as it is I TRY to keep it positive which lately it hasn't.

  5. I haven't noticed that stuff about it, but then again I rarely used it, which is why I deleted mine. I am far too boring to have one of those things. :P

  6. this was why i deleted my facebook account. it was so liberating, and i haven't looked back.