Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our second home

Ben and I made a joke while we were packing up Scarlett's toys in Washington, that the dollar pail and shovel we bought her, were going to be the only things she cared for in Florida. Playing

We were right!

One thing we didn't see coming was her fear for the Ocean! Scarlett spends most of her day transporting water from one cup/toy to another. The kid dies for water, but when we tried see if she'd get her feet wet, this happened! Watch out!

Poor girl is terrified! I'm hoping sooner or later she realizes nothing is going to get her! but I'm not going to lie, that face is hilarious!

These two have been having a blast together! It almost made me forget that Ben only has less than a week left with us. :( He'll be leaving for training in Redstone, Alabama for two months and I can't even imagine how Scarlett is going to deal with that. Swing!

Their bond is like no other. The love Ben has for her, and she has for him is something words just can't explain. As positive as I am through all of this, I'm preparing myself for the worst. This move has been pretty rough for her, she still is having a hard time adjusting to the idea that this is our new home. She keeps asking both of us "Let's go back home" :( It kills me knowing that she doesn't feel the warmth in this place, but soon enough,everything will fall into place for her. Daddy Daughter walk


  1. First, holy crap these pictures are awesome! Are these from you phone?!?

    Second, holy crap the beach!!! the water!!! god i am jealous!!

    Third, I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha, FIRST! They're actually from my Cybershot! I decided to start using that on here instead od my phone! ;)
    SECOND! The water is like crazy blue/green! I didn't even think it was real! haha, and the sand is seriously so white..it's weird! YOU NEED TO COME HERE NOW!
    THIRD! I miss you way too much, you don't even know.

  3. awww yay!!!! once i finally get to tumblr you come to blogspot! haha! it's ok i'll still follow my blogspot lovers also. so glad the trip went well!


  4. Great pictures, Megan, and good luck to Ben at Redstone!

  5. Bodie was the same with water at first, actually he was worse with the sand and living in Australia being surrounded by beaches it was kind of hard dealing with a littlest who hated the sand or beaches in general. He finally got use to it though, we just tried our hardest to refrain from removing him from the situation, now he cant get enough of it and its a killer when its time to go home, haha.

  6. Taylor! I know right? I'll still be keeping up both places, and thank you so much!
    Juliet! Thank you so much, you don't even know! :D
    Kimbah! Really?! I totally can't picture him being scared of sand/beaches. That's crazy! Thankfully he's past it now, I'm hoping Scarlett will do the same! :D

  7. Dont fret about Scarlet wanting to go "home", we recently moved apartments and my little even at three would throw fits and tell us she wanted to go home. It takes a while for them to adjust. :)

  8. Hi Megan, I followed you over form Tumblr! When we PCSed, my daughter was the same way. We have been at our new duty station for 8 months now, and she still wants to go back to "her home" at our last duty station. She was three when we moved. She is just now adjusting well, but she says she doesn't like her new house lol. I am sure Scarlet will grow to love her new home. I am super jealous! I want a beach!

  9. So, so, so sweet. Her face his HILARIOUS trying to dodge those waves, hahahaha. That beach is perfect! I can't wait to come visit! I love you. :)

  10. Hey Megan! I'm your newest follower...I read your Tumblr before you made the switch. Love the blog and I hope you're enjoying Florida!! Come follow me back??

    Lindsey :)

  11. Nichole, thank you so much for your kind words, I definitely feel more at ease! :)

    "LML" Thank you! I'm hoping things will get easier with time! & ah the beach is really nice, but you don't need to be jealous! It's 80 every morning! haha

    Kristina, isn't she ridiculous?! hahaha, I seriously couldn't believe I got it on film! I can't wait either, you have no idea! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

    Lindsey, Thank you so much & sure! :)