Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank you,Merci,Danke,Mahalo,Muchas gracias!

I started writing Thank You's to each and every one of you who commented on my last post, but I just felt like I was repeating myself 18 times.
When I clicked "post" my anxiety set in with full force, I actually didn't check my blog until yesterday, on our way to Alabama to drop Ben off at his first phase of EOD training. I almost made him just do it, but of course he was like "suck it up, c'mon!" so I did and immediately started crying.
Having you guys, who's opinions I cherish, make me feel like everything I'm feeling, is okay; that you still love me no matter what, that you, yourself, have even felt like I have at some point; it made me feel like a whole new person. I felt..relieved, this HUMONGOUS weight lifted off my chest. I could breathe! I love you all so much and for the past 24 hours, I've re-read all of your comments over 100 times. I needed that reassurance more than anything in the world, and for my first open and honest post on here, you guys gave me that ten fold.
Ben is gone. We left at 6AM yesterday morning and drove 6 hours to Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. We ended up getting lost for about 3 hours, trying to find his Unit and then it took a while getting him into his Barracks, So I didn't end up leaving til around 5PM.
I'm not a huge fan of driving in general, Ben actually doesn't LET me drive, but he knew there was no way to get to AL by himself, so he just bit his lip and prayed.
Anyways, driving at night is what gets me. I just hate not being able to see all of my surroundings. I started typing in my address and waited for the GPS on my Droid to load. It was taking a lot longer than usual, so I tried again, and again and AGAIN, with no results.
I was pretty upset, I was already in tears from leaving Ben and not knowing where I was or how to get home and having Scarlett restless in the backseat - it was just one thing after another.
Once I composed myself, I just decided to mapquest from where I was to our home and had to read the directions like the good ole' days ;)
Thankfully, Scarlett was absolutely amazing. She told me stories and asked me to sing songs with her, and the 6 hours flew by. We pulled into our turquoise house around 11:30, and p a s s e d out!
I have a lot to update on, I'm almost done uploading all of the photo's from the last couple days with Ben, but until then...I leave you this video from Wednesday at the beach.

Scarlett at the Beach #1 from megan fletcher on Vimeo.


  1. redstone arsenal is five minutes from where i live! :)

  2. Kill me with cuteness, why dontcha?! ;)

  3. that bathing suit is too much cuteness!!

  4. I'm so glad to hear you made it there and back safe and sound.

    & The video is super cute!!

  5. LOOK AT THAT TUTU BOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!